• Wildfire Prevention & Evacuation
  • Drought & Water Shortages
  • Environmental Protection

Submitted to the Democratic Central Committee of Marin for Endorsement

Wildfire Prevention & Evacuation

Wildfires are top of mind for our community today. Comprehensive evacuation strategies have been crafted by Muir Beach Volunteer Fire Department and Fire Safe Marin and shared with the community. Residents come together frequently for in-person fire drills and are encouraged to take actions that prepare themselves, their homes, and their properties against the threat of wildfire. As a small, isolated community we must all look out for one another and provide those in need of assistance with help in emergency preparation.

In preparation for the uncertain future ahead, the Board Directors of the Muir Beach CSD approved a funding proposal to build a brand new Fire Station. The new structure will be used by the Muir Beach Volunteer Fire Department and will be far more suitable than the existing structure. The current fire house cannot sufficiently house the two large fire engines and is lacking in functionality. 

Recently, the Muir Beach CSD received some good news that long-awaited government funds will be granted to support the Marin Wildfire Prevention Authority’s next big project which seeks to make the Highway 1 Evacuation Corridor at Muir Beach more fire-safe. This is an important federal land project and will ensure safe passage for Muir Beach residents into town should the region fall victim to wildfire. We anticipate the implementation process to kick off in mid-September 2022 and Muir Beach CSD Board Directors anticipate a fair amount of planning and oversight will be needed during this time. 

Another important initiative will be working with Supervisor Rodoni, the GGNRA and the National Park Service to ensure a sound evacuation strategy is put in place for one of the most well visited sites in the country: Muir Woods. This densely wooded area is vulnerable to wildfire strikes and a clear plan of action is needed that encompasses sufficient notification systems, visitor transportation logistics and local fire coordination. I look forward to partnering with key decision-makers to ensure a comprehensive plan is put into place promptly. 

Drought & Water Shortages

Unlike the other five districts in Marin which connect to Marin Municipal Water’s centralized system, the Muir Beach CSD licenses and operates its own water and filtration system. Before I joined the Board, a resolution was passed years prior proposing an enforcement policy for water conservation during officially noticed periods. A reasonable and uniform policy for enforcing water conservation during drought season is needed for current times. 

In order to comply with the community’s water rights permit that is applicable during drought conditions, we need to monitor Redwood Creek for conditions that will trigger our permit’s requirement for drastic conservation.

In an effort to conserve, Muir Beach residents are asked to eliminate all non-essential watering, particularly outdoor watering which is by far the largest use of water at Muir Beach. For high-water utilizers and those out of compliance, high penalty rates will be enforced. 

By encouraging all members to make an effort to reduce consumption, Muir Beach will be able to remain in compliance with the requirements of the community’s water rights permit, and help conditions in the aquifer from which we pump. 

Environmental Protection

The Golden Gate National Recreation Area manages Muir Beach for the National Park Service. Issues of overcrowding, poor transportation management, and proposals to “develop” and increase tourism pose constant threats to our natural area. For decades, both park service entities have had a special interest in converting the area into a tourist playground and there is a feeling amongst local residents that the two national parks are ignoring our concerns in favor of their own profit-seeking interests. 

Redwood Creek flows out across Muir Beach and holds one of the area’s last and seriously struggling wild coho salmon runs. For decades, my family helped counteract proposals that have threatened to jeopardize the area: (1) first, with the restoration of habitat at Redwood Creek, one of the 25 global biodiversity hotspots that is key to preserving the world’s ecosystems, and (2) second, with the prevention of a bus depot and parking structures at Muir Beach. I am personally invested in continuing this important work and look forward to the opportunity to serve Muir Beach in this capacity.