Christine Murray

My name is Christine Murray and I am an appointed Incumbent running for the position of Board Director for the Muir Beach Community Services District. 

Civic participation is very important to me. When I was appointed by the current governing board of the Muir Beach Community Services District to fill the Board Director role due to a mid-term resignation, I was honored to be chosen. After being sworn in, I went to work right away, spending time with each of the four Board Directors and the District Manager to learn about the intricacies of governing the unique district of Muir Beach. I was encouraged when they asked me to run for reelection in November 2022  and welcomed the opportunity to continue serving my community.

Muir Beach has been home to my family since the 1970s. My family has participated in the restoration of the Muir Beach park habitat at Redwood Creek, the prevention of overcrowding at Muir Woods, and Elderberries proposals on healthy aging at Muir Beach. My family also helped shut down an initiative to have Santos Meadow paved over with concrete by forcing the proposing party to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in lawsuits before they finally gave up on the project – a momentous ecological victory indeed.

I believe my experience in the field of politics, local government and private-sector technology make me well-suited for the role. 

From 2012-2019, I served the Democratic Party as a Delegate and a voting member of the Democratic Central Committee of Marin. While here, I served as the group’s Recording Secretary, attended State Conventions, and worked as the Vice Chair of the Endorsements Committee where we worked as a team to uplevel Democratic candidates running for national, state and local level offices. I learned that “politics is not a spectator sport” and vigorous work is required to protect and advance democratic issues and principles.

Prior to joining the DCCM, I worked as a Data Specialist for Organizing for America from 2011-2012, former President Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign, and campaigned for local politicians such as Congressman Jared Huffman and former Supervisor Susan Adams. It was exhilarating to be a part of this kind of community activism and I developed a newfound respect for the power of grassroots organizing and its ability to create meaningful change at every level of politics and daily life. 

From 2013-2021, I served as the Vice Chair of Marin County’s Alcohol and Other Drug Board and worked closely with the Board of Supervisors, local County officials, and the Marin Mental Health Board to advocate for better education, treatment, and rehabilitation services for the community. I helped launch Tamalpais Union High School District’s Wellness Center at Redwood High School, a pilot program which still stands today and extends support services to students in need of mental health, reproductive health, and substance abuse services. Each year in the Fall, I am invited back to the Wellness Center by the Social Studies faculty to lead a two-day, educational workshop for the Freshmen and Sophomore classes. Being able to support Marin’s youth in this capacity brings me a great deal of satisfaction and fulfillment.

After the economic recession of 2008, I worked as a Foreclosure Prevention Housing Counselor for Fair Housing Advocates of Northern California (formerly known as Fair Housing of Marin) from 2012-2015. Our mission was to ensure equal housing opportunity and promote the value of neighborhood diversity. While there, I provided thousands of Marin residents in need with housing services and helped over 100+ Marin families avoid home-foreclosure. I saw first-hand the importance of protecting middle and underserved classes from predatory and sometimes discriminatory lending practices. This experience taught me to approach my work through the lens of economic, social and racial equality.

Since 2016, I have been employed at an Internet and cyber-security company based in San Francisco. I managed a team of Customer Success Engineers and in January created a new job for myself as a Program Manager focused on the company’s customer growth and retention strategies. It’s a fast-paced work environment where many decisions are made and executed quickly. I am a skilled negotiator and I am decisive, but I always strive to lead from a place of empathy, curiosity, and compassion.

My husband, Sefton Murray, has served the Muir Beach community as Muir Beach Volunteer Firefighter since 2017. We have an 18-month old son and are expecting a second son in November 2022. We could not be more excited to have a hand in raising the next generation of children here at Muir Beach. Sefton and I both feel a strong sense of duty when it comes to securing Muir Beach’s long-term success, both for the community and future generations.